The Relish Family Expands

The Relish Family Expands

Posted on Friday, April 28th, 2017 in Latest News

Who would of thought it? Last weekend we were basking in beautiful sunshine, this week we have had snow, sleet, hail and rain. The heating has been turned up and the heavy coat is back on.

Not to be put off by the weather and hoping for long sunny days and alfresco dining, we have been busy creating a couple of new relishes to inspire your summer meals.

Mrs Darlington’s Barbecue Relish is delicious served with grilled or barbecued meats or fish. Alternatively pop some pork or chicken in the slow cooker with a jar of Mrs Darlington’s Barbecue Relish, the results are amazing. Extremely tasty, melt in the mouth meat, which falls apart and can be easily shredded. Add this smoky meat to a seeded bun, serve with a side salad, fries or wedges. A tasty meal the whole family will enjoy.

Now, if you fancy giving your burger or hotdog a simple makeover, this is the one for you. Add a dollop of Mrs Darlington’s Spicy Sweetcorn Relish. With the fresh crunch of tasty corn, this is sure to give your burgers or hotdogs a lipsmacking lift. Altertively, serve with tortilla chips as a snack.

So, lets hope that this May Day bank holiday weekend is full of sunshine, blueskies and delicious outdoor dining.